The Weather Channel App: You Can Now Receive Alerts Without a Cell Connection

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Most of us really likes to up-to-the minute climate data. But bad network connection is enough to piss off your mood.

To solve the problem the Weather Company, an IBM Business has introduced Mesh Network Alerts to it’s the Weather Channel app on Android. This new app will allow users to get weather alters even if your phone don’t have internet connection. This new app meant for developing countries.

This technology does not turn smartphones into mobile hotspots, according to IBM, because that causes too much battery drain. It still uses phones that connect with Bluetooth or WiFi to send those alerts out.

Talking about the New App Nirmit Desai, IBM Research staff member, said.

“Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks, the app can send data from phone to phone across distances between 200 to 500 feet, it doesn’t add any more battery burden than an ordinary app, and the mesh network can be used without having to reconfigure the phone’s network settings.”

IBM is planning to launch its mesh-capable Weather Channel app in Africa, Asia and Latin America. . The Android app is also built with emerging networks in mind. It’s only 3.2MB large and it’s built with slower 2G connections in mind. You can store offline weather data for 24 hours, and you can choose weather to enable updates via cellular or WiFi. IBM notes that the mesh networking technology won’t be a battery drain — unlike other implementations of that technology, it turns devices into nodes and not full-fledged access points.

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